Whistleblower or Insider?

Again, here is the issue with all other “consumer education” sites out there and the information that comes with them.  Simply, consider the source, investigate, and always use critically thinking.

At CIB we sent out a test audio for students, and asked for you to tell us what you think.  Most of the responses were right on the money, some missed the mark a little, but maybe this will assist all of you.  I have to admit, I only made it through part of the audio before I got too angry to listen any further.

When CIB asks you to think critically, that means vet the information.  So I looked up the Linda Almonte case and  SEC letter.  Well, I found some surprising things.   Almonte worked for NCO Group (now Transworld Systems Inc. or TSI)  before being employed by  Chase.   Well it seems there is a relationship between Chase and NCO (TSI).  I am well acquainted with TSI and I thank her for more ammo in which to further destroy TSI.   The fact remains, Almonte worked for a debt collector as a mid-level executive.

The list of Chase “crimes” are as follows:

  1. Chase sold to third party debt buyers hundreds of million of dollars worth of credit card accounts…when in fact Chase Bank executives knew that many of those accounts had incorrect and overstated balances.
  2. Chase Bank executives routinely destroyed information and communications from consumers rather than incorporate that information into the consumer’s credit file, including bankruptcy notices, powers of attorney, notice of cancellation of auto-pay, proof of payments and letters from debt settlement companies.
  3. Chase Bank executives mass-executed thousands of affidavits in support of Chase Bank collection efforts and those Chase Bank executives did not have personal knowledge of the facts set forth in the affidavits.
  4. When senior Chase Bank executives were made aware of these systemic problems, senior Chase Bank executives–rather than remedy the problems–immediately fired the whistleblower and attempted to cover up these problems.

So after listening to the audio, I had to wonder why Almonte would “throw out the FDCPA”?  Why would she trash the CFPB?  Were her claims about the CFPB true?  Oh, and the Clinton foundation?  So let’s start with the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau).

The CFPB is not there to enforce your protections for you, they are there to show you how to enforce them yourselves, via  YOUR PRIVATE RIGHT OF ACTION, the CFPB does not need to hire attorneys, they are attorneys. They are your record keeper, they cannot intervene on your behalf, but they do have a Amicus Brief Program.  I suggest you check it out, the people on this audio did not.  As far as complaints being answered by “outside attorneys”, I know the allegation is BS… I have filed complaints with the CFPB and on each occasion, the response was from the slimy bottom feeding debt collector.  Trust me, I recognize their special kind of inelegant writing style. As for funding The Clinton Foundation, again, nope, not going to fly.  The Civil Penalty Fund is under the CFPB control, not Congress, or any other entity.  It is set up to pay victims, and fund Financial Education Programs, as well as fund Enforcement Actions, etc… against violators.  See the Dodd-Frank Act, these people failed to read it….

Now for the meat and potatoes.  As I said, Almonte worked for and as a debt collector NCO (TSI).  Here’s the deal she is trying to sell you.  A class action suit under RICO, Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Title 18.  Seriously?  When have you ever heard of a RICO case getting though on a bank?  When did anybody get more than $100.00 on a class action?  Here is the big question, why would a consumer hire an attorney?  You as a consumer have Article III power, more power than a judge, congress, and the CFPB combined.

Now, why would an “ex-debt collector” be steering you away form the FDCPA?  With all of her insider info, Almonte should be pushing consumers toward the FDCPA.  Instead, she has a “go fund me” account for a class action law suit.  She didn’t get paid as a Whistleblower for a reason, maybe because the very things she “blew the whistle on” are wide spread, illegal practices debt collectors have been engaged in for a long time.  It’s not news.

We know banks, credit card companies, hospitals, doctors, dentist, etc.. all sell “debt” to debt buyers.  The information received by debt buyers is inaccurate to say the least, and this inaccurate information is used to intimidate, threaten, and oppress you.  Unless you know consumer protection, the FDCPA, so who exactly is Almonte working for?

If you have been listening to CIB, you know debt collector affidavits are crap, and you know how to destroy them.  You know selling your private, personal information is illegal, or Identity Theft. You know debt collectors must have your consent to talk to you.  You know how to ask for and exactly what  “verification” is. You know how to make them go away, and how to make them pay.   If you don’t, maybe you should be listening to CIB…..


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