The Power of Your Mind

Too many of us rely on logic and reason.  Yes, they are great things.  We tend to absorb information, categorize information, but rarely use the information.  Most of the information is really of no use, it just takes up space, keeps thoughts racing around in our heads that have no value.  Or worse, negative value, meaning our minds use them against us to create fear and stress. Or even worse is ingesting false information. We take that information as truth, even though it sounds good, plausible, but in the end it’s really a soundbite of somebody’s opinion.

We want magic potions, easy answers, a pill, a cure, or somebody to lead us because we incapable of leading ourselves.  We have lost the capacity to think for ourselves, or more importantly trust our intuition.

We all have that “gut feeling” when making decisions.  That tells you something is too good to be true, to easy, to whatever.  We fail at every turn to listen to ourselves.  Our own God voice inside us.  Why is we are so ready to follow somebody, and ignore or dismiss our own God voice?  We have become so programed to follow  politicians, religious leaders, news anchors, etc… instead of relying on ourselves and form our own opinion, our knowledge, our inner God Voice.

I often wonder just what is wrong with us?  Why would we follow somebody because they have a title?  Or obey because they were a suit, a robe, or went to the best school.  Does their knowledge supersede yours?  Does the way they dress, or speak, or their “position” denote some sort of power over us?  The answer is no.

We have become so prone to filling our lives with chatter and other people’s opinions we have shut our own out.  We don’t even bother to listen to it anymore.  Our very own God voice is lost or it has become such a strange voice we sometimes hear but discount.  The very voice that is the key to your existence is shunned. The very voice that is the basis of your natural creation and the voice that enables you to create is told to shut up.

Some might call it logic, or common sense.  Mystic’s call it the inner self or the actual Self. It is within all of us, we just have to block out the noise, chatter, and information.  The Self is the essence of what and who we are.  Ever notice how  you fill your day with noise.  Turn on the TV first thing after getting out of bed, or have it playing the entire night while you were sleeping.  Get in the car, the radio is on before you put the car in drive.  Why do we avoid being alone with our thoughts?  Why do not want to hear the voice of reason that dwells within us?

Sometimes we don’t like what it says, because we simply don’t like ourselves.  We don’t want to go inside of ourselves because we may not like what we find or is the fact that there is no clear cut process to finding our Self.  No step by step guide book.  We will spend hundreds of dollars on self help books, and read every page, but we won’t simply turn down the radio long enough to establish a relationship with our inner Self.

The key to happiness cannot be found in another person or a thing.  It is found within you, it dwells within you. You just have to uncover it.  Dust if off.  You will find the power to be happy, the answers to questions, the path to follow, the Everything is within.

This is why and how meditation works.  Your ego mind or monkey mind is always going to think. Thinking is all it does, 24-7, round and round, like a hamster on a wheel.  So if you want to talk to your Self, you have give the monkey something to do, like you give a dog a bone, or a child a toy.  Monkey has one job in mediation, to think about your breathing.  That’s it, no multi tasking, no singing, no thoughts about the future or the past.  It is presently only to think about breathing. Trust me, this will be very hard for you at first, but it gets easier.

With the ego distracted you can be with your Self.  This is the power of meditation.  It gives you peace of mind.  It is soothing, calming, and energizing all at the same time.  Generally when done you will feel refreshed, and most “issues” or “problems” will had sorted themselves out, or maybe you they were never there to begin with, they were created by the monkey.  Over thinking creates the fear, doubt, and stress we Think we have everyday. Over thinking creates the blocks to real power, control, and knowing.  The best thing you can do with a problem is to leave it alone for a moment.  Trust me, it will be still be there  when you get back.  The monkey won’t allow somebody to steal the thoughts or problems, they will still be there, but you will be able to see them clearly for what they are, or are not.

If you are experiencing a block, or have a decision to make, nobody is more equipped or able to answer better than yourself.  At the very least you will be able to make a decision or chart your own course with real input from the only source that matters.  YOURSELF…..


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