Senator Elizabeth Warren, Who does she WORK for?

Some are trying to decide exactly whom Senator Warren speaks for.  Well, let me see, she has denounced Wall Street, Banks, Bank CEO’s, TPP, and that’s just for starters.  She has been on a mission to revamp the US financial system and helped create an agency to protect, inform, educate, and empower the CONSUMER with the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau).

All the “people” out there that believe in a Political Party system should take notice of Senator Warren.  She is not afraid to call out her own party President Obama, nor other parties.  It seems every time she speaks, she calls out the hypocrisy of the entire system.  Yeah, Donald Trump does that, but she does it with facts, common sense, logic, and research.  She does not have to aim her anger at an easy cultural scapegoat. She takes aim at the exact issue, the elitist.  Does not matter if it is a multinational company, or bank CEO.  She too is fed up with the abuse of consumers in all facets, shapes and forms.  The rich keep getting richer off the backs of those living paycheck to paycheck  .

For example her questioning of Wells CEO John Stumph.  Warren made the comparison of a bank teller taking a handful of money, stealing, and would be prosecuted as a criminal.  While Stumph made over 200 million in Wells stock returns.  Yes, his personal stock.  Here’s the deal.  Wells head of Community Banking and CEO Stumph pushed low level employees to cross-sell bank products to deepen relationships. Employees unable to meet those quotas, opened fake accounts, in essence to save their $12.00 an hour job.  This pushed up stock prices year after year, making Wells appear to be doing “honest” business, when in fact, it was not.  In the end, Stumph made $200 mill, and 5300  low-level (consumers) employees lost their jobs.  Don’t worry!  The CEO’s and Senior Management are ok!  They are all still working on the next way to have their employees screw over the consumers.  Get it, the employees are on the hook, while again the CEO’s and management are immune.

I have watched Warren go after bank CEO’s  and now the DOJ, FBI, and TPP.  TPP and the hold these multinational corporations have on our “elected officials”.  She is not on the side of Apple and it’s $14 billion tax issue with the European Union.  How does a company that makes that much in profit only pay 1% in taxes?  I get it, our corporate taxes are truly high at 35%, but almost every large corporation only pays on average 14%.  The Consumer makes up that difference.  Social Security used to be paid by your employer, now it’s paid by you, the employee.  Heath care used to be paid by employers, now it’s paid by you, or you don’t have it and get TAXED for not having it.

In short, Senator Warren is simply not afraid to set things right.  She knows the consumer had not benefited in a long time.  She knows that if the abuse of the consumer is not stopped, this world will tilt towards chaos. Yes, I do mean chaos.  What happens when we are fed up as consumers?  We stop buying, or simply can’t buy.  That is already happening with our economy.  We stop, the world stops.  We stop creating, shopping, buying, and eventually stop paying.

It’s time we give Senator Warren the props she deserves.  It’s time we as consumers start taking being a Consumer seriously.  Senator Warren is trying to put the Consumer back on top.  The Consumers are the engine of the World.  Wake up and step into your power.



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