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One-third of police officers discharged from duty get new police jobs in Wisconsin

I hope you watched the above with absolute disgust.  When you get fired or discharged from a job, your personnel file follows you to every job you have after it.  Every day you were late, how many sick days you used, and if you took your vacation.  Even though it is against the law, ex-employers do go into your “attitude”, your “trust-worthy-ness”, and dependability.  Human Resource Departments have a silent code to make sure they do not pass on problems to the next company or business.

Yet it seems if you are a “fired police officer” you would be “immune” from such scrutiny.  It reminds me of how the Catholic Church just passed around pedophile priests, instead of solving the problem. Just push one bad apple on to the next tree….

You and I are continually followed by our record of conduct.  We have police records, driving records, credit records, job records, school records, tax records, business records, etc… the list is never ending.  These records are used to evaluate us, and used against us everyday.  If you are speeding, your driving record shows you have been caught before, therefore you have chronic problem, and get another citation.  Your insurance goes up because now your a “danger” to yourself and others. See how one record leads to another, in the end it costs you more.  Poor credit translates to higher cost of debt, and higher insurance premiums. Your credit report may determine if you get a job or not.

I wanted to start a small business, a bakery, in my city.  The first thing I was told….You need to have a back round check.  When I asked why, I was told because I “would be working with the public”.  Well ok, by that logic, don’t police officers work with the public?  Just asking.  Here’s the deal, I saved myself about $600.00 in fees, plus a back round check that included finger printing, etc. by getting licensed in a smaller community not tied to the city I live in. I guess that’s what fired police officers do also.

I say this in light of Sandra Bland’s family settling for 1.9 million dollars.  Yes, it is a nice chunk of change, but the officer that arrested her, was simply just fired.  I would be inclined to believe that asshole is right now in the process of getting a job in a small community.  He will have a friend or a sympathetic “brother in blue” that will take him in and give him a job in law enforcement.  Meanwhile, the Bland Family must move on without Sandra.

Look, I get it.  My paper record truly says nothing about me, and I am willing to cut cops the same slack.  My problem, when you have shown you do not possess the aptitude, or capacity to do the job properly, do you deserve a second chance?  The lying, cover ups, falsification of reports etc… goes completely against the principals of the job.  How hypocritical of an police officer enforcing laws they break everyday. Holding us to a higher standard.

Maybe it’s time to start charging their insurance.  The way insurance  companies do to us when we have a lead foot.  Premiums go up because of the inability  to self govern driving habits.  Making claims against the insurance bonds of bad police officers would make them to expensive to insure.  Just like doctors and malpractice insurance.  They have to find another occupation because they can’t afford to be doctors. Instead of or in conjunction with taxing the city that employs these officers, we should start making it too expensive for them to be bad cops.  Just a thought….


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