Hate, Fear and Ignorance
I had the displeasure of listening to a “free” podcast about what I thought was “consumer protection”, which ended up being a “Muslim hate fest”.  With crude jokes etc… so here are a few thoughts for the person that made those comments.
First, you pouring your hate and fear on to the radio waves is unnecessary.  What this woman said is not new, not intelligent, not funny,   and basically of no value to anybody that was listening.  We get enough hate filled speech just by watching the news, or a political debate. By watching any of that, you can see we have much bigger problems on our hands.
My words of advice are stick to what you know. This was supposed to be about debt collection and the FCRA, but for some reason, this woman thinks her world views are of interest.  I find it funny how hate can make you miss some of the most helpful things in your field.  Her hatred for the color of Obama’s skin, blinds this women to the most useful tool Obama put into place.  Namely, the CFPB.  I find it funny that these people who are to be “debt specialist” can’t see or use the very things President Obama laid at their finger tips.  They would rather spend years in a court room, arguing over a debt that is clearly not theirs, wrapped up and feeding into the same legal system that oppresses them.  That is just absolute stupidity.  The even worse part, they teach others to do the same, only to tell them at the end, they should drop it.  It never occurred to this woman and this group, that maybe, just maybe, they should not be playing in a system that is unnatural and not meant for them….maybe, just maybe, there is a better way….
Ok, I strayed for a moment…the Muslim cartoons… one of the cartoons she described had to do with sheep.  Here’s a tip for her white privileged hate speech.  You might want to check your ancestry, I am sure you have men somewhere in it, and sex with sheep is not a practice only relegated to the Muslim culture. While we are on the subject of “white privilege” and “culture”, anybody that knows the history of this country, knows we are all immigrants.  The Europeans were not first, sorry to burst your bubble.  It is a known fact that this country was built on the backs of very diverse cultures.
This woman is a Trump lover, and I am positive she would be in favor of a wall, but here’s the deal.  It’s called “creative destruction”, tearing down the old and antiquated to replace it with something new and functional. It’s time to tear down this “rigged” system and replace it with something new and functional.  Only she does not see the new system.  Maybe that new system is for us to quit playing into the hands of hate mongers, policing for profit, an unnatural legal system, “foreign” state courts, a criminal financial system, war on immigrants, and walls etc… as I said, we have much bigger problems in our backyard that need to be solved.  These problems in our own backyard have been festering while we were INVADING, AND STEALING FROM THE MUSLIMS.  Always remember, they didn’t come here to mess with us, until after we went there to mess with them.
This woman made reference to jokes about Muslim’s, well here’s a tip for her.  YOU are on public radio, people know where you live, people know your name, and I am sure you know what happened in France at the Charlie Hebdo offices.  Just saying, again your hate filled speech may incite some violence that may be laid on your doorstep. This is the kind of ignorance and privileged attitude that begets that type of violence. This is the type of ignorance that got us to the place we presently occupy, hate filled division. It hasn’t been working for us, maybe we should try something different.
This woman was going dress up for Halloween as a basket of “deplorable’s”, here is some news, you don’t have to waste your money on a costume.  Again, we know she is a Trump supporter, the guy that has shown you exactly what White Privilege is, exactly what White Privilege has done, and she supports that system, because is it just as morally bankrupt as she is.  The worst part, she doesn’t even hear his message….the system you have been playing in, the one you believe in, is RIGGED…  This chick really needs to get a clue.
Lastly, this woman who is so involved with consumer protection actually stated on the air, that she does not know the numbers that correspond with the FDCPA violations.  Well here is my last tip for her… They are LETTERS, and the 28 pages, does not even use all of the letters, it stops at P. P for Pea brain, Privilege, Phony, Psycho, Parasite, Paranoia, Parrot, Puppet, Perverted, the list goes on and I am sure you get the picture. Yet she is the FCRA guru, and only know 1681 s(2)(b), S for Sadly, she got 2 B quitting early, there are no more callers….Somebody already ripped off the mask, and they see exactly “What Lies” in her lack of knowledge.
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