Greetings from C.I.B. & Planet THOR Radio Network;

            *****SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 10, 2016*****

    YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED, that the Honorable Brother Sharif’, presiding, will be holding Consumer this Saturday September 10th, at High Noon. (12:00 Noon EST) This private class is only for those ConSumerians who not only want to be proficient in finance and credit, but also have knowledge on how to lend and manage usage of your credit to other creditors, such as banks, lending institutions, others. There are consumer laws which went into effect, only few research and comprehend.

     The future of the educated, skilled Consumer, will not come from the legal society and general public. The CFPB will be offering such educational programs. However C.I.B. is by far the most advanced, skilled, in our customized version of “ConSumerism”. This class will focus on taking your debt and turning it into Wealth, this includes your alleged Foreclosure, and other debts, instruments, items and other aspects.
      Do you know how to conduct your own Court and be a Judge of your own personal, family, household? Do you know to create your own Writing System so that the parasitical, civil, criminal, terrorists, debt collectors will yield to your language.? If you don’t, which many do not, sign up for class. C.I.B. does not do high level marketing, although we can easily, meaning we only gear toward those serious about being wealthy and knowing their wealth and value.
      This Saturdays Class is styled and named in memory of our ancestor, President Abraham Lincoln;
                                               *****”CONSUMER MARTIAL LAW CLASS“******
 Clink the Link Below to Sign Up! Limited Seats Available!